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Improve Mental Health.
Boost Retention. 
Unleash Results.

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When I told my bosses that I used meditation practices to grow sales from $10M to $20M in a single year, they couldn't believe it.
Now they get it and are my clients.

Hi, I'm nadene, and I help business people unleash their best work by finding inner peace.

When we are CALM and our thinking is CLEAR, we are more PRESENT. When we are more PRESENT, we are more PRODUCTIVE and our RESULTS SKYROCKET.

Offering your team an intentional pause allows for a reconnection to their most authentic self and best work yet! Are you ready?

With my support, you will:

  • Improve focus and clarity while reducing stress and anxiety
  • Communicate effectively under pressure
  • Build deeper trust and connection among your team
  • Create space for new ideas and unleash your best work!

how i can help

corporate SERIES

Experience Nadene’s Signature 8-Week Inner Peace Outer Performance Boost and walk away with foundational tools for a lifetime.


Dig in with your team with a workshop customized to boost clarity, compassion, and communication, resulting in increased performance. 1-2hr virtual or in person.


In a large audience setting, Nadene brings a message that is insightful, fun, and simple to implement. Expect an effective energetic, engaging experience!

team meditations

Offer your team consistency and the greatest impact of meditation with Nadene’s super-power bi-weekly or monthly meditation series.

what employees are saying

Many employees today are burned out, stressed out, and disconnected. 55% of people in the workforce say they are likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months.

But after a meditation session with Nadene, employees experienced noticeable shifts:


feel a positive shift in their mental health


report improved performance at work


feel less anxious, more focused and clear


consider Nadene’s sessions a valuable benefit keeping them at the company

"Home. At home in my body, mind, and overall energetically. That's how I felt after bringing Nadene in to lead my global team for a guided meditation."

- Global Media Lead, Accenture

"This meditation has genuinely reduced a lot of stress that I've been facing since starting at the company. I feel empowered with the proper midnset needed to tackle my workload."

- CDW employee

"Those of us who meditate with Nadene feel a oneness with the entire company from the top down that makes us all teammates in positivity, empathy, and awareness."

- CDW leader

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what is mindfulness?

Paying attention on purpose, in a focused way, with zero judgement to the present moment. 

Meditation is Getting to know Yourself beyond your title or your place in the world.

why do we do this?

 Mindfulness sharpens your memory and improves your social and emotional intelligence. 

Mindfulness improves your confidence. It creates more clearer, focused thinking and improves efficiency at work and at home.

Unleash the Power of your People