Welcome!  I'm Nadene Cherry!

Meditation found me in a dark place looking for answers. 

In 2009 my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and it totally rocked my world. After she got through it, I was looking ways to FEEL each moment for now on. The highs, the lows, and not miss a beat in between (because my Mom going through cancer taught me life is short).

Hoping for a pill, a friend sent me a book on meditation instead. Skeptically I cracked open the book and found exactly what I was searching for – a way to live more in the present moment by practicing mediation and mindfulness. I read more books, began practicing all kinds of meditations, attending conferences, meeting other meditators, and my life changed forever.

Through meditation I was first able to re-connect with myself by looking deeply. Then I was able to connect with life’s beautiful moments in a more meaningful way. Finally, I noticed a wild side effect: my business doubled the same year I started practicing meditation. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence- I knew it was because of mindfulness.

Now I share my personal practice with the most stressed out people of all – business people! I lead meditations and mindfulness talks for companies of all sizes. We arrive to the (virtual) boardroom as human beings and de-stress as a community.

Many people in Corporate America are afraid to follow their heart.  They keep their passions inside because they believe they already made a choice to stay in corporate America. I do both. You can do both. It’s about bringing your passion or gifts to where you work. I help people tap back into their authentic gifts and build the confidence to bring them forward through mindfulness.


When I told sales leadership that my tech sales grew from $10m to $20m in a single year because of my new meditation practice, they laughed in my face. 

How could sitting silently every day and focusing on the present moment create such a tremendous shift in my business? 

I’ll tell you how. 

If practiced regularly, meditation will help you:

Improve attention and focus

We are pulled by email, phone calls, texts, social media, our kids. How are you reclaiming your most valuable asset? Your time and attention. Meditation brings you to this present moment so you can focus on the task at hand.

Create space for new ideas and creativity

Let me guess- your best ideas come to you when you are completely in the present moment, right? Meditation is pausing and giving yourself the space to foster new ways being, strategizing, and operating.

Build a sense of compassion

It takes a lot of energy to blame another. Energy we could be spending enjoying our lives and creating something meaningful. With meditation we notice the stories we tell ourselves and naturally appreciate the stories other beings tell themselves. Meditation allows us to become more supportive and understanding of everyone in our lives.

Increase adaptability to change

Have you ever heard the saying, “More money, more problems?” That’s a thing! In life, in business there is only one constant and that is change. Meditation takes us out of freak-out, reactive mode and into an expansive readiness for any curveball thrown our way.