corporate series

corporate series

8-week inner peace
outer performance boost

Perfect for:
burned out teams
teams wanting greater peace & performance

  • An 8-week virtual series to increase your employees’ inner peace and outer performance.
  • An invitation for your team to reconnect with themselves, their job, and their teammates.
  • A proven method taking your people from PRESSURE to peace, presence, productivity, and performance.

And the best part? Your people will feel seen, heard, and supported by their leaders. A weekly teaching, guided meditation, and opportunity to connect with each other leaves employees equipped for work or life’s biggest challenges. 8 Weeks offers your team the foundational tools to feel more peace and presence and begin boosting productivity and performance. It is the “appetizer” to begin working with me and a trial for your team to gauge value of the experience.

Praise for 8-week inner peace outer performance boost

"Congratulations! Our team rated your series with a 97% positive feedback rating."
- Upwork Leader

empowering women at work

Perfect for:
women's groups

As women, we have mastered the important masculine skills of being assertive, hard-working, and competitive. What would happen when we combine those skills with the feminine strengths of intuition, compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, and expression? We become unstoppable at work. During this 5-day virtual series, we will cultivate our feminine strengths and leave with the confidence to bring them forward at work to unleash our best performance!

Nadene x CDW

Praise for empowering women at work

"Thank you so much, Nadene! This was a perfect 'in' to meditation for me."
- PWC Partner

weekly, bi-weekly, monthly meditation series

Perfect for:
teams or all employees

Results come from consistent practices. Book Nadene for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly 15-min or 30-min guided meditations session. Each virtual session will focus on a different topic, such as “Embracing Change at Work,” “Compassion for Challenging Relationships” or “Practicing Patience in a Fast World.” Arrive with stress and pressure. Leave with peace and clarity.

what employees are saying . . .

“I guard our weekly time slot with my life.”

“Nadene’s meditations have taught me ways to deal with anxiety, uncertainty, nervousness, aggravation to be able to move on from those feelings/thoughts and be more prosperous in a day.”

“These sessions should be mandatory for co-workers to improve clarity, reduce anxiety and lower stress levels.”

“Being present in meditation allows me to be more present in my every day life which leads to better outcomes. Better relationships, better answers, better moods, better everything.”

“Nadene’s sessions have literally changed my life! I’ve always believed in the positive effects of meditation but was never able to realize just how simple and effective it could be.”

“These meetings show a commitment from my company to the employee’s mental health.”

Ready to bring more peace to your people?

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