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ready to feel more peace? Access your natural gifts? Feel the support of a like-minded community?

You are in the right place! Join Nadene Cherry’s Monthly Meditation Membership.

Recharge your solo meditation practice or learn how to meditate for the first time! Experience the power of meditating in a group led by expert meditation leader, Nadene Cherry.

What’s included?

  • Experience monthly LIVE guided meditations in Community 
  • Access to Recordings
  • One-on-One Call with Nadene – your personal meditation practice, authenticity, mindfulness
  • Receive weekly mantras to support your peace
  • Real talk forum – discuss your meditation practice, your wellbeing habits in community
  • BONUS: Guest Expert interviews from meditators!

This is your permission slip to pause each month and claim your inner-peace! Beginners to advanced meditators are welcome.

We gather on Zoom to meditate together every first Wednesday of the month from 12-12:30PM CT. *Recordings available!

Join the monthly subscription below:

$15/mONTH + free RECORDINgs

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frequently asked questions

Yes, recordings will be available.
12PM CT – May 3, June 7, July 5, Aug 2, Sept 6, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6, Jan 3, Feb 7
Yes! The meditations are for beginners to advanced meditators – everyone is welcome.

what the community is saying . . .

“Nadene’s sessions have literally changed my life! I’ve always believed in the positive effects of meditation but was never able to realize just how simple and effective it could be.”

“I guard our weekly time slot with my life.”

“Nadene’s meditations have taught me ways to deal with anxiety, uncertainty, nervousness, aggravation to be able to move on from those feelings/thoughts and be more prosperous in a day.”