Infuse your next conference with what employees value most right now - their well-being and mental health.

permission to pause workshop

perfect for:
all employees and groups

Pause? But my inbox is exploding! Learn 3 simple and QUICK practices to support employee peace, productivity, and performance from an 18-year corporate sales leader. Attendees will leave with a clear plan for inner peace and outer performance. The audience will experience firsthand how a quick slowing down is the secret to a lasting speeding up!

praise for permission to pause workshop

"SO needed this, thank you so much for this session and the statement of 'pause on purpose' is something I WILL be implementing daily."
- CDW Technology Services Leader

empowering women at work

perfect for:
women's groups

As women, we have mastered the important Strategic Strengths of being assertive, hard-working, goal-oriented, and competitive.  What would happen if we combine those Strategic Strengths with the Stellar Strengths of intuition, compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, and connection?  We become unstoppable at work.  During this reflective and empowering workshop, participants will understand why bringing our Stellar Strengths to work in combination with our Strategic Strengths cultivates confidence as leaders.   Participants will have a chance to reflect on their unique, natural Stellar Strengths and re-activate their authentic wisdom through supportive written and group experiences.  Each employee will leave feeling empowered at work and confident to lead simply by being themselves!


praise for empwowering women at work

"This is a fantastic workshop and I have told numerous friends about it. The breakout sessions and interactive nature of the workshop was really beneficial. I hope Nadene comes back for another workshop! "
- Private Equity Leader

sparking change through inner connection

perfect for:
women's groups

Have you lost your spark at work? Do you feel disconnected from your passion or purpose? Remember your unique gifts and re-ignite your spark with this experiential workshop. Participants will be guided through a short visualization meditation, reflect through Inner Research Writing exercise, and share experiences in community. The audience will leave feeling a clear sense of purpose and fresh energy!

praise for sparking change through inner connection

"Bring back Nadene! I left feeling inspired and re-motivated - it was the push I wanted to feel to re-ignite my career!"
- Womens Opportunity Network Participant

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